Featured Startup Pitch: Perfect Audience’s self-service ad retargeting platform helps small-and medium-sized web businesses recapture ‘lost’ visitors

Brad Flora, PerfectAudience

Company: Perfect Audience Website: http://www.perfectaudience.com Founders: Brad Flora, Jordan Buller Headquarters: San Francisco Year Founded: 2011 Investors: Y Combinator, SV Angel, WGI Group, New World Ventures, Start Fund, Knight Foundation, individual investors Employees: 9 Twitter: @perfectaudience Facebook: facebook.com/perfectaudience Brief Company Description: Perfect Audience helps advertisers boost sales through self-service retargeting of ads to their website visitors across Facebook Exchange and other ad […]

Featured Startup Pitch: JobStock jumps into the freelance marketplace space with a focus on user friendliness and lower cost

JobStock logo

Company: Job Stock Website: http://www.jobstock.com Founder: Paul Dunstone Headquarters: Brisbane, Australia Year Founded: 2012 Investors: Bootstrapped Employees: 3 Twitter: @jobstock Facebook: facebook.com/jobstock Brief Company Description: Find and hire freelancers for a fraction of the cost at Job Stock. Post freelance jobs for free and tender for employment opportunities at Jobstock.com. # # # By Paul […]

Featured Startup Pitch: Backed by some prominent investors, SynapDx is developing a test for significantly earlier Autism detection in children

SynapDx logo

Company: SynapDx Corporation Website: http://www.synapdx.com Video: vimeo.com/64564331 Headquarters: Lexington, Massachusetts Year Founded: 2010 Founders: Stanley Lapidus (President), Jeffrey Luber (VP, Corporate Development) Employees: 18 Investors: North Bridge Venture Partners, General Catalyst Partners, Laboratory Corporation of America, The Kraft Group, Bain Capital Ventures Twitter: @synapdxcorp LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/844039 Brief Company Description: SynapDx is developing a blood test […]

Featured Startup Pitch: Mobile app back-end and analytics provider Buddy.com is focused on capturing relevant customer data for better user engagement

Buddy.com logo

Company: Buddy Platform Website: http://www.buddy.com Founders: Dave McLauchlan, Jeff MacDuff Headquarters: Kirkland, Washington Year Founded: 2011 Investors: Transmedia Capital, Bing Fund Brief Company Description: Buddy helps publishers and developers power, optimize, and measure apps on any platform, OS, or connected device. # # # By Dave McLauchlan, co-founder and CEO Product Overview Buddy products: The Buddy […]

Featured Startup Pitch: Led by brothers with deep entrepreneurial experience, Tely Labs wants to make secure, reliable, and affordable videoconferencing a reality for businesses of all sizes

Sreekanth Ravi, TelyLabs

Website: http://www.tely.com Headquarters: Redwood City, California Year Founded: 2010 Founders: Sreekanth Ravi and Sudhakar Ravi Employees: 23 Investors: Comcast Ventures, DCM, Rogers Venture Partners Twitter: twitter.com/telylabs Facebook: facebook.com/telylabs Brief Company Description: Founded in 2010, Tely Labs is a pioneer in simple, secure and affordable video communication and collaboration systems that fundamentally change the way people communicate. […]

Featured Startup Pitch: MBA Project Search connects MBAs with startups and small businesses for short-term projects

MBA Project Search logo

Company: MBA Project Search Website: www.mbaprojectsearch.com Founder: Dan Mullaney Headquarters: Washington, D.C. Year Founded: 2012 Investors: Family and friends Employees: 5 Twitter: @mbaprojsearch Facebook: facebook.com/mbaprojectsearch Brief Company Description: MBA Project Search connects MBAs with businesses for short-term projects and internships. # # # By Dan Mullaney, founder Product Overview MBA Project Search is a platform that allows companies to […]

Featured Startup Pitch: Campus Bellhops is disrupting the moving business by using technology to tap into the college student labor pool

Campus Bellhops logo

Company: Campus Bellhops Website: www.campusbellhops.com Founders: Cameron Doody and Stephen Vlahos Headquarters: Chattanooga, Tennessee Year Founded: 2010 Investors: Lamp Post Group Brief Company Description: Operating in 48 cities, Campus Bellhops employs large workforces of top-tier college students to provide local moving help through a fully integrated online management system. # # # By Cameron Doody, co-founder Service Overview Moving help has always […]

Featured Startup Pitch: Jump Start City seeks to compete in the crowdfunding space with a ‘backer-centric’ approach

Mark Baker, JumpStartCity

Company: Jump Start City Website: http://www.jumpstartcity.com Headquarters: Spokane, Washington Year Founded: 2013 Founders: Mark Baker and Billy Smith Employees: 2 Investors: Bootstrapped Twitter: @jumpstartcity Facebook: facebook.com/jumpstartcity Brief Company Description: Jump Start City is the world’s first backer-centric crowdfunding community, featuring a three-stage funding process designed to increase success rates for project creators. # # # […]

Featured Startup Pitch: EVELO has developed a power-on-demand electric bike for the mass consumer market

Boris Mordkovich, EVELO

Company: EVELO Website: http://www.evelo.com Founders: Boris and Yevgeniy Mordkovich Headquarters: Cambridge, Massachusetts Year Founded: 2012 Investors: Bootstrapped Brief Company Description: Boston-based EVELO makes stylish, power-on-demand electric bicycles that make biking accessible to everyone, regardless of age, fitness, experience, or terrain. # # # By Boris Mordkovich, co-founder Product Overview EVELO produces hybrid electric bicycles that […]

Featured Startup Pitch: Identify Security Software wants to shift the systems security paradigm from passwords and tokens to an emphasis on individual user identity

Identify logo

Company: Identify Security Software Website: www.identifyss.com Founder: Ferenc Ledniczky Headquarters: Boca Raton, Florida Year Founded: 2013 Investors: Bootstrapped (currently raising first round) Employees: 10 Twitter: @identifyss LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/2963393?trk=tyah Brief Company Description: Identify lets only the right person, from the right place, for the right purpose, access an info system; making hackers’ prowess irrelevant. # # # By Andre Limarenko, president and COO […]