Startup marketing: What is it good for? Absolutely everything

Stephen Tanenbaum, UGallery

By Stephen Tanenbaum, co-founder, UGallery You’ve built a great product. Congratulations. Now, here comes the hard part—letting people know that it exists. Of course, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that creating a good service—whatever it may be—is easy. I’m just saying that there are tons of great offerings out there. What really makes […]

Connections: Creating an entrepreneurial community, on a statewide level


By Tim Coates, Managing Director of CTNEXT Great business ideas are popping up across the country thanks to the ingenuity of smart and determined entrepreneurs. Cities like Austin and Boulder are fostering communities that help burgeoning companies access resources and a skilled workforce. So, how does an entrepreneur in Storrs, Connecticut, compete with entrepreneurs in […]

Crowdfunding is filling the funding void for early-stage companies

Judd Hollas, EquityNet

By Judd Hollas, founder and chief inventor, EquityNet A little more than a year ago, President Obama signed the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act into law. The JOBS Act was intended to increase access to capital for the innovative companies that produce the majority of employment growth and are otherwise starved for investment capital. […]

Connections: How communities can make or break your tech startup

Charles Var, TrackVia

Why tech companies are flourishing in Denver By Charles Var, SVP Marketing, TrackVia If you want to start a tech company, the place to do it is Silicon Valley, right? While it remains the home for some of the country’s best-known tech companies and startups, the Mile High City is giving the Bay Area a […]

Ground rules for a startup: Build your app with a ‘lean, but bold’ mindset

Neha Sampat, RawEng

By Neha Sampat, raw engineering, Inc. CEO and co-founder of Embody a ‘lean, but bold’ mindset in your startup to create a successful product, and a successful business. raw engineering has enjoyed its initial success because we have maintained a certain mindset: cost-conscious, bold, simple, and most of all, humble. Ground Rules for a […]

Connections: Starting up the bonfires in Pittsburgh

Audrey Russo

By Audrey Russo, president and chief executive officer, Pittsburgh Technology Council This past winter, I had a chance to spend an entire evening tech event hopping in Pittsburgh’s East Liberty neighborhood. A dreary, wet night it was, and yet there were three gatherings, each one attended by a mixed crowd of students, entrepreneurs, faculty, city […]

Women and Waders: Targeting forgotten verticals with social commerce

Denis O'Dwyer, WideOpenSpaces

By Denis O’Dwyer, co-founder and CEO, Wide Open Spaces When we started Wide Open Spaces in 2012, we knew that this company was moving into new territory online. We were filling a need in an under-served market, giving customers a one-stop shop to buy gear and apparel that they previously had to drive to multiple […]

Shut up and play: The pursuit of heads-down greatness

PJ Loughran

By PJ Loughran, EVP and Executive Creative Director of Superfly Marketing Group We’ve all seen the ravenous culture that’s developed over the last 20-to-30 years around startups, particularly tech startups. Entrepreneurs have become rock stars. Outlets like TechCrunch attract hordes of attendees and followers, and phrases like ‘EBIDTA multiples,’ ‘Series A raise,’ ‘LOI,’ ‘earn-out,’ once […]

Marrying an IT vendor: A dating guide for startups

Dmitry Yakovlev, Data Art

By Dmitry Yakovlev, Software Architect, DataArt I was inspired to write this guide based on observations I made while collaborating with high-tech startups at early stages of development. Some of them succeeded in reaching their goals, some of them failed. The last thing that triggered this piece was a recent engagement with two ventures—one successful […]

Innovation and the ‘new normal’

Claudia Fan Munce, IBM

By Claudia Fan Munce, Venture Capital Group, IBM Great technology development is always seemingly swift and dramatic—but the velocity at which we’re seeing innovation emerge today is previously unheard of, and effectively disrupting just about every industry you can imagine. Entrepreneurs and startups are consistently challenged to develop the next-generation tools that advance existing products […]