Thought Leaders: Incubation Station founder Shari Wynne on the potential for consumer packaged goods companies, and the Austin startup scene

Austin Eastciders presentation

A Q&A with Incubation Station founder and CEO Shari Wynne. The Austin-based startup incubator and accelerator was founded in April of 2012, and kicked off its second accelerator class this past March. It considers a range of companies from launch to $3 million in yearly revenue for its program. SUB: Please briefly tell us about […]

Thought Leaders: Mike Edwards of LX Ventures on the differences between Canadian and U.S. startups, and the ‘pixelization’ of entrepreneurship

Mike Edwards, LX Ventures

A Q&A with Mike Edwards, director, president, and CEO of Canadian investment firm LX Ventures. The firm, which launched last October, is an incubator of early-stage, high-growth technology companies, and invests mainly in health, finance, and advertising startups. SUB: Please describe LX Ventures and its mission. Edwards: LX Ventures is a publicly traded incubator that […]

Clarke Miyasaki of Kickstart Seed Fund on its second fund and what entrepreneurs should do to attract early-stage investment

Clarke Miyasaka, Kickstart

A Q&A with Clarke Miyasaki, Managing Director, Kickstart Seed Fund. The fund closed its second round of fundraising with $26 million in late April. Kickstart is focused on companies located in the Mountain West region of the U.S. SUB: Please briefly tell us about the vision behind Kickstart Seed Fund. Miyasaki: Kickstart was founded to […]

Startup Riot’s founder on getting noticed as an entrepreneur, emerging sectors in tech, and helping other startups after a successful exit

Startup Riot logo

An interview with Startup Riot founder Sanjay Parekh about Startup Riot events, the challenges faced by technology startups outside of Atlanta, and the up-and-coming sectors in tech. Based in Atlanta, Startup Riot produces what it describes as ‘affordable, curated events’ for startups. The day-long events invite 30 startups to give brief presentations followed by Q&A […]

PBS’s acclaimed history series American Experience takes on Silicon Valley’s origins

A Q&A with filmmaker Randall MacLowry, producer and director of American Experience’s Silicon Valley, a documentary about the history of the region and its rise to the forefront of the technology startup world. The film premieres tonight at 9pm EST on PBS stations across the U.S. SUB: Tell me a little bit about your documentary […]