Buzztala enables businesses large and small to capture and utilize user-generated video for sales and marketing

Buzztala logo

A Q&A with Buzztala co-founder and CEO Jay DeDapper. The New York City-based startup launched as an independent company out of parent web video firm Zazoom in mid-June. SUB: Please describe Buzztala and your primary innovation. DeDapper: Buzztala is like Vine for business. We provide a cloud platform for brands and retailers that allows them […]

Anturis gives SMBs control over their own IT monitoring with its cloud- and browser-based platform

A Q&A with Anturis CEO Sergey Nevstruev. The San Francisco-based startup, which offers an SMB-focused IT infrastructure monitoring and troubleshooting platform, launched out of beta in late June. It was founded in 2011. SUB: Please describe Anturis and your primary product innovation.  Nevstruev: Anturis, a vanguard IT solutions company, is the developer of IT infrastructure monitoring and […]

Ayannah wants to bring e-payments to the unbanked in emerging markets, beginning with the Philippines

Ayannah logo

A Q&A with Ayannah founder and CEO Mikko Perez. The Laguna Hills, California and Pasig City, Philippines-based startup, which offers an e-commerce and payment platform for migrants and the unbanked, closed a $1 million Angel funding round in mid-June led by Siemer Ventures and Golden Gate Ventures. It was founded in 2008 and previously raised $2 million […]

Honest Buildings is on a mission to bring transparency and better connections to the commercial real estate and construction space

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A Q&A with Honest Buildings co-founder and CEO Riggs Kubiak. The startup, which is an online network of commercial real estate pros and building/construction service providers, raised $5.5 million in Series A funding in late June, led by RockPort Capital Partners and The Westly Group. Honest Buildings previously raised $2 million in Seed funding in September of […]

Online fashion destination Combat Gent is targeting twenty-something males that want style without the high cost

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A Q&A with Combat Gent co-founder and CEO Vishaal Melwani. The Irvine, California-based startup, which is an ecommerce store focused on providing quality men’s clothing and accessories at affordable prices, closed a $1.8 million Seed funding round in late June. Investors include Tony Hsieh’s Vegas TechFund, MHS Capital, Naxuri Capital, Blazer Ventures and Berlin-based Point Nine Capital. SUB: Please describe Combat […]

Spinnakr has attracted big-name investors with its real-time, predictive web analytics platform

A Q&A with Spinnakr co-founder Michael Mayernick. The actionable analytics software startup announced in early June that it had raised nearly $1 million in Seed funding. Investors include Andreessen Horowitz, 500 Startups, Point Nine Capital and Sand Hill Angels. Spinnakr is based in Washington, D.C. and Palo Alto. SUB: Please describe Spinnakr and your primary innovation. Mayernick: Spinnakr is […]

OMsignal has created a line of health-focused bio-sensing clothing that connects with mobile devices

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A Q&A with OMsignal co-founder and CEO Stephane Marceau. The Montreal-based startup raised $1 million in Seed funding in early-June from Real Ventures, Golden Venture Partners and David Cohen. It was founded in 2011. SUB: Please describe OMsignal and your primary innovation. Marceau: OMsignal has developed a revolutionary line of bio-sensing clothing that connects seamlessly […]

flik combines elements of Pinterest, Yelp and Vine to enable users to share things they love via short video clips

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A Q&A with flik co-founder Chris Hayes. The Chicago-based startup, which makes a mobile app that allows users to share short videos about places and products, launched to the public in early June. It was founded by Hayes—a professional baseball player—and his wife Tracy, and initially tested among Major League Baseball players and their wives. […]

Recently-launched Feel My Money aims to bring transparency and clarity to the consumer mortgage industry

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A Q&A with Feel My Money founder and CEO Nicole Hamilton. The New York City-based company, which was founded in 2012, launched to the public in mid-June. SUB: Please describe Feel My Money and your primary innovation. Hamilton: First of all, thank you for the opportunity to tell people about our company. Our mission right […]

Recently-launched Hubber brings a unique approach to peer-to-peer car sharing

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A Q&A with Hubber founder and CEO Paul Davis. The Los Angeles-based startup was founded last year and launched its first car sharing and rental hub at LAX airport earlier this month. SUB: Please describe Hubber and your primary innovation. Davis: Hubber brings peer-to-peer sharing to the airport, matching outbound car owners with inbound car […]